In view of the sensitivity involved with sale of our Thiopental Sodium to various Jails/Prisons in USA and as alleged to be used for the purpose of Lethal Injection, we voluntary declare that  we as an Indian Pharma Dealer who cherish the Ethos of Hinduism ( A believer even in non-livings as the seat of God) refrain ourselves in selling this drug where the purpose is purely for Lethal Injection and its consequent misuse.

While declaring aforesaid we commit ourselves to the International Solidarity but do not comment onany judicial process and its consequent award.
While reiterating aforesaid we expect a reciprocal treatment of International community in our effort to make India free of Terrorism and bloodshed of innocent Mumbaikars in particular and Indian and mankind in general.


Pursuant to section 51 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940 read with G.S.R 532(E), dated 14.08.1991( w.e.f. 14-8-91) , among interalia other duties, an Inspector under this Act, is obligated within the meaning of the said Act to inspect the Licensed premises at least Once in a year and record his findings.
As such my premises were visited on 5th April 2011, by the Drug Inspector allocated for our Zone to satisfy himself about our adherence to the provisions of License under the said Act.
However, this regular and routine visit of the Drug Inspector has been reported in some section of the Media to sensationalize the matter as if our premises have been raided by Drug Officials.
We take this opportunity to publish the Inspection Report of Drug Inspector of this Act to put rest to all speculations.
Any further query on these issues may please direct to the FDA – Maharashtra, Zone-7 where our premises is licensed.

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