Generic Formulary
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
2 MG/5 mg
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
Treatment of Hodgkin's Disease; treatment of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma; Treatment of Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia
Adverse Effects: 
1. Nausea 2. Vomiting 3. Diarrhea 4. Oral ulceration 5. Seizure 6. Tremor 7. Muscular twitching 8. Confusion 9. Agitation 10. Ataxia 11. Hallucination 12. Skin rash 13. Hepatotoxicity 14. Infertility 15. Darkened skin 16. Loss of appetite 17. Unusual bleeding 18. Red urine 19. Cough 20. Shortness of breath 21. Fever 22. Pulmonary fibrosis 23. Neutropenia 24. Bone marrow suppression 25. Thrombocytopenia
1. Hypersensitivity to the drug 2. Porphyria 3. In patient who has demonstrated resistance to this drug.
Special Precaution: 
1. Hypersensitivity to melphalan or any other drug. 2. Use of aspirin and vitamin tab 3. Seizure disorder 4. Vaccination (measles, flu) 5. Hepatic disorder 6. Renal impairment 7. Radiation therapy 8. Myelosupressive drug use 9. Head trauma 10. Bone marrow suppression
Other Myelosuppressive Agents : Efficacy of these enhanced. Phenylbutazone & Warfarin : Potentiate the efficacy of Chlorambucil.
Oral- Adults- 6mg/day as a single dose or multiple doses for 3 to 6 weeks.2mg/day as a maintenance dose. Children- 0.15mg/kg/day for 7 days.0.05mg/kg/day as a maintenance dose.

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