Generic Formulary
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
500 mcg
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
Treatment of Wilm's Tumour,Ewing's Sarcoma and childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma
Adverse Effects: 
1. Nausea 2. Vomiting 3. Lowered resistance to infection 4. Bruising or unusual bleeding 5. Anemia 6. Weakness 7. Sore in mouth 8. Taste changes 9. Diarrhea 10. Loss of appetite 11. Visual changes 12. Black, tarry stools 13. Blood in urine or in stool 14. Cough or hoarseness 15. Fever 16. Chills 17. Lower back or side pain 18. Painful or difficult urination 19. Pinpoint red spot on skin 20. Slurred speech 21. Swelling on leg or lower leg 22. Shortness of breath 23. Bloody vomiting 24. Thinned or brittle hair 25. Mouth blistering 26. Thrombocytopenia 27. Leucopenia 28. Coma 29. Seizures 30. Pancytopenia 31. Agranulocytosis 32. Aplastic anemia 33. Myalgia 34. Hypocalcemia 35. Alopecia
1. Hypersensitivity to the drug 2. Chicken pox 3. Herpes zoster
Special Precaution: 
1.GI toxicity and bone marrow suppression are results when it given with radiation 2.Discontinue the treatment if there is stomatitis, diarrhea or sever hematopoetic depression
May interfere with bioassay procedure for determination of antibacterial drug levels.
Intravenous- Adult- General dose-2.5mg/metre square in divided doses over 1week, repeated every 2 weeks OR 400-600mcg/metre square/day for 5 days, repeated every 3-6 weeks Children- General dose-15mcg/kg/day OR 400-600mcg/metre square/day for 5 days every 3-6 weeks

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