Generic Formulary
Musculo Skeletol Disorder
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
5 MG/ 10 mg
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
Symptomatic treatment of mild to moderately severe Dementia of Alzheimer's Disease
Adverse Effects: 
1.Nausea 2.Vomiting 3.Diarrhoea 4.Anorexia 5.Headache 6.Fatigue 7.Dizziness 8.Insomnia 9.Restlessness 10.Syncope 11.Atrial fibrillation 12.Bradycardia 13.Gastro intestinal haemorrhage 14.Frequent urination 15.Muscle cramps 16.Ulcers 17.Hepatitis
1.Hypersensitivity to Donepezil
Special Precaution: 
1.Cardiovascular diseases 2.Supraventricular cardiac conduction conditions like sick sinus syndrome 3.Asthma 4.Ulcers
Antiarrhythmics: Procainamide, quinidine and probably propafenone antagonise effect of neostigmine & pyridostigmine. Antibacterials : Aminoglycosides, clindamycin & colistin antagonise effect of neostigmine & pyridostigmine. Antimuscarinics: Antagonism of effect. Antimalarials: Chloroquine & hydroxychloroquine have potential to increase symptoms of myasthenia gravis & thus diminish effect of neostigmine & pyridostigmine. Lithium: antagonism of effect of neostigmine & pyridostigmine. Muscle relaxants: Possibly donepezil enhances effect of suxamethonium but antagonises effect of non-depolarising muscle relaxants.
Adult: 5 mg / day at bed time if needed after 4 weeks dose can be increased to 10 mg / day

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