Generic Formulary
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
Aponal, Adapine, Deptran, Sinquan and Sinequan
Unit of Packing: 
Tube- 15 gm
In treatment of: 
Adverse Effects: 
1. Drowsiness 2. Dizziness 3. Nausea 4. Vomiting 5. Blurred vision 6. Difficulty in micturition 7. Tachycardia 8. Hypotension 9. Arrhythmia 10. Dryness of mouth 11. Constipation 12. Confusion 13. Headache 14. Sedation 15. Urticaria 16. Rash 17. Pruritis 18. Jaundice 19. Anorexia 20. Impotence 21. Loss of libido 22. Galactorrhea 23.Gynecomastia
1.Hypersensitivity to Doxepin 2.Glaucoma 3.Epilepsy 4.Urinary retention.
Special Precaution: 
1.Renal impairment 2.Hepatic impairment 3.Cardiac arrhythmia 4.Myocardial infarction 5.Tachycardia 6.Heart failure 7.Strokes 8.Alcoholics 9.Patient on MAOI therapy (Discontinue the MAO inhibitor at least 2 weeks before Doxepin is started) 10.Slowly withdraw the drug with caution 11.Patient should be cautioned against driving vehicle, operating machine and activities requiring mental alertness and judgment
Anticholinergics: Enhanced effect of anticholinergics may occur. Barbiturates: Serum level of imipramine decreased; additive respiratory depressant effect. Clonidine: Hypertensive crisis. Dicoumarol: Increase in anticoagulation effects. Disulfiram: Acute organic brain syndrome. Fluoxetine & Haloperidol: Potentiate action of Doxepin. Levodopa: Its bioavailability is reduced, hypertensive episodes. MAOIs, Furazolidone: Seizures, sweating, coma, hyperexcitablilty, hyperthermia, tachycardia, mydriasis, confusion, DIC. (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) and death. Oral Contraceptives and Phenothiazines: Increase plasma levels of Doxepin. Smoking: Increases metabolic bio-transformation. Alcohol: Sedative effect of alcohol potentiated.
Adult: 25 mg 3 times daily; dose can be gradually increased until therapeutic response is obtained. Maintenance dose: 100 - 150 mg / day Maximum daily dose: 300 mg Children: Not recommended

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