Generic Formulary
Infections & Infestations
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
HIV-1 infection combination treatment w/ other Antiretroviral Agents
Adverse Effects: 
1.Rash 2.Stevens-Johnson syndrome 3.Dizziness 4.Headache 5.Insomnia 6.Hallucination 7.Diarrhoea 8.Anorexia 9.Impaired concentration 10.Dysphoria
Hypersensitivity to Efavirenz
Special Precaution: 
1.Renal impairment 2.Hepatic impairment 3.Psychiatric patients 4.Patient with increased cholesterol level and serum transaminases level
Grapefruit juice may affect plasma efavirenz concentration. Antibacterials: Increased risk of rash with clarithromycin. Rifampicin reduces plasma concentration of efavirenz. Antidepressants: Avoid concomitant use of St. John
Adults: 600mg once daily along with other antiretroviral agent. Children: Over 3 years(13-14kg body weight) : 200mg once daily; 15-19kg body weight: 250mg once daily; 20-24kg body weight: 300mg once daily; 25-32.4kg body weight: 350mg once daily; 32.5-39kg body weight: 400mg once daily; above 40kg body weight:same as adult dose

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