Generic Formulary
Infections & Infestations
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In treatment of: 
Adverse Effects: 
1.Nausea 2.Vomiting 3.Thrombophlebitis 4.Jarisch Herxheimer reaction 5.Pain at the site of injection 6.Diarrhoea 7.Urticaria 8.Rash 9.Anaphylaxis 10.Allergy 11.Erythema 12.Anxiety 13.Mental disturbances
Hypersensitive to Penicillin G and other Penicillins
Special Precaution: 
Renal impairment: monitor renal function and reduce the dose if needed
Aminoglycosides, parenteral: Certain parenteral penicillins may inactivate certain aminoglycosides in vitro - do not mix in the same IV solution. Anticoagulants: Large IV doses of penicillins prolong bleeding time - chances of bleeding. Oral contraceptives: Efficacy of oral contraceptives reduced. Additional form of contraception during penicillin therapy is advisable. Heparin: With parenteral penicillins there is increased risk of bleeding. Erythromycin: Both synergism and antagonism have been reported. Allopurinol: Rate of ampicillin-induced skin rash appears much higher when co-administered with allopurinol. Tetracyclines: Bacteriostatic effects of tetracycline derivatives may impair bactericidal effects of penicillins. Probenecid: Prolongs half-life of penicillin.
ADULT ORAL Bacterial infections: 2-5lac units every 6hourly in divided dose depending on the severity of infection INJECTION Bacterial endocarditis: IV infusion 7-8g in divided dose every 6 hourly in a day depending on the severity of infection Meningococcal disease: IV INFUSION 2-3 g six times a day CHILDREN Premature infants and neonates: 100mg/kg daily in two divided dose Infants (1 month): 150mg/kg thrice daily in divided dose Child<12 years: 180-300mg/kg 4-6 times daily in divided dose.

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