Generic Formulary
Infections & Infestations
Sub Group: 
International Brand Name: 
Rifampin, Rifaram
150MG/300 mg/450 mg/600 mg
Unit of Packing: 
In treatment of: 
Treatment of Tuberculosis
Adverse Effects: 
1. Nausea 2. Vomiting 3. Epigastric distress 4. Anorexia 5. Pseudo membranous colitis 6. Acute renal failure 7. Hepato toxicity 8. Eosinophilia 9. Thrombocytopenia 10. Urticaria 11. Rash 12. Pruritis 13. Purpura 14. Shock 15. Headache 16. Drowsiness 17. Visual disturbance 18. Thrombophlebitis 19. Menstrual problems
1.Hypersensitivity to the drug 2.Hepatic impairment 3.Jaundice 4.Biliary obstruction 5.Porphyria 6.As I.M. or S.C. injection
Special Precaution: 
Renal impairment: Use with caution Hepatic impairment: Use with caution Other precautions: 1.Use with caution in alcoholics 2.Use with caution in malnourished individuals 3.Stop the drug use in Purpura & Thrombocytopenia
Rifampicin by inducing the hepatic microsomal enzymes may reduce the efficacy of the following drugs: Acetaminophen, oral anticoagulants, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, chloramphenicol, clofibrate. Oral contraceptives, corticosteroids, cyclosporine, digitoxin, disopyramide, beta blockers oestrogens, hydantoins, mexiletine, quinidine, sulfones, sulphonylureas, theophylline, verapamil. Halothane: Hepatotoxicity and hepatic encephalopathy. Isoniazid: Higher incidence of hepatotoxicity than with either agent alone. Ketoconazole: Treatment failure of either ketoconazole or rifampicin. Food: Interferes with absorption of rifampicin, therefore it should be taken on empty stomach. Lab tests: Inhibits standard assays for serum folate and vitamin B12 (riboflavin). Transient abnormalities in liver function tests, reduced excretion of contrast media used for visualization of gall bladder.
Adults: 0.45gm to 0.6gm single dose Children: 10 to 20 mg/kg/day Leprosy: 600mg orally once monthly Pulmonary tuberculosis: Adults: 600mg/day orally or I.V. as a single dose Children: 10 to 20 mg/kg/day orally or I.V.as a single dose Meningococcal infections: 600mg 12 hourly for two days Children (1 to 2 years): 10 mg/kg Children (below 1 year): 5mg/kg for two days

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